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ProCal Lighting Logo

It’s a new year and why not start it with a new logo? Actually, it wasn’t that easy of a decision to make. Our old logo had a lot of sentimental value. Since ProCal Lighting began in 2014 we have been evolving and there was a point in 2020 that it was decided that a new logo was needed to better represent our future vision. Here is some of the inspiration behind the design of our new corporate identity.

At its foundation, the new logo is made from a hexagon. The hexagon is the shape that covers and creates an open area the best and minimizes the amount of material needed when building within boundaries. The most common place you see this is in honeycombs. It’s amazing that bees instinctively know to use the most stable and space-efficient geometric shape for their infrastructure. This hexagon grid is also symbolic of the connectivity and communication that the bees share and is seen a lot in multimedia when visually talking about networks. Interconnectivity also transcends into lighting. We can now control, monitor, program, transmit, and receive data remotely through advanced controls over cloud computing.

Besides the new logo being composed of sound construction it also has dimension. This depth is only revealed by the presence of light. If you look at any piece of architecture at night its beauty is lost in the darkness. To showcase these structures, lighting is incorporated on different sides from different angles to accentuate the building’s lines and character. Light has an uncanny way of creating emotion as well and when you can make the light dance watch out!

Some other elements included are very obscure but you can also see angled conduit incorporated into the new logo. The shape also signifies wiring and data cables. These items are indicative elements of electrical contracting. In addition, the shape has this feeling of directional movement and represents a pathway. The letters P and C are also cleverly hidden within the form.

This is a very significant change for us as a company and we are very enthusiastic about moving forward and implementing it across all our company touchpoints. The transition will begin today and continue over the next several months.