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behind the bulb podcast

Behind The Bulb Podcast Episode 1

Behind the Bulb Season 1, Episode 1 The Human Interaction with Lighting Designer Landon Roberts Road trips, pediatric cancer awareness, CrossFit, what is it that motivates you to do what you do? For our guest Landon Roberts these are the driving forces that push him in his personal and professional journey. Landon is a Lighting

Support Your Local Art Gallery

Public art is important for a community’s health. It not only beautifies an area but it also creates spaces more inviting for its citizens. The Oceanside Museum of Art is the hub for public art in the North San Diego County area. The OMA has been servicing the community of Oceanside for the last 24

Spreading Love With Clay ‘N Latte

Our Company & Community division helped install some security devices today for Clay ‘N Latte. Clay ‘N Latte is a Vista staple and has been providing the community with a place to socialize and create art for over 15 years. Store owner Becky would like to let everyone know that the store is open and

ProCal Lighting Logo

New Logo Launch

It’s a new year and why not start it with a new logo? Actually, it wasn’t that easy of a decision to make. Our old logo had a lot of sentimental value. Since ProCal Lighting began in 2014 we have been evolving and there was a point in 2020 that it was decided that a

How LEDs Can Kill Bacteria

Sanitizing Light: LEDs Become a Disinfectant Technology New antibacterial LED lighting research is proving that LEDs reduce the germs in workspaces. Another reason why LEDs are better! CLICK HERE to read full article at Electrical Contractors Magazine

LED vs CFL Bulbs

LED vs CFL Bulbs: Which is More Energy Efficient and Better for the Earth? The wholesale switch from incandescent light bulbs, which were discontinued for wattage above 40 watts in 2014, to the more energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs and light emitting diode (LED) bulbs have been evolving for years. A lot of confusion

Top 5 Reasons To Switch to LED Lighting

Top 5 Reasons To Switch to LED Lighting In today’s marketplace, there are many lighting choices available for businesses. Options range from traditional incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), to halogens, to light emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs are becoming the popular choice for general lighting applications across all sectors ― architectural, offices, automotive, showrooms,

Electrical Contractor Industry Watch

  Electrical Contractor Industry Watch After two decades of planning, 70 months of redesign and 5 years of construction the recent renovation on the St. Louis Gateway Arch has just been completed. The 630 foot tall structure now includes a completely modernized lighting system including LEDs that were installed by electrical contractors of the 100

Pro-Cal Achieves Safety Excellence

  Pro-Cal Achieves Safety Excellence We are excited to announce that we have recently been awarded the NECA Safety Achievement Award. Safety is important to us at Pro-Cal Lighting. So much so that we’ve made it apart of our S.H.I.N.E. mantra. SAFEY – The condition of being protected from harm or other non-desirable outcomes. HONESTY

Improve your facility operations!

Improve your facility operations! Industrial LED lighting retrofits are a guaranteed way to improve your facility operations. Let Pro-Cal Lighting help you with the transition from the old fluorescent tube to the latest in Philips cost savings LED lights. Not only will this switch save you money, but also help improve our environment. For more